I'm Ali, and I'm so happy you're here!

I'm an author, speaker, self-love advocate, body-positive activist, dreamer, joy-seeker, and change-maker on a mission to help women step into their power and create fully authentic and fulfilling lives.

I believe...

  • if we are not living intentionally, we're living by default

  • self care comes first, always

  • our worth is in no way defined by the size, shape, or appearance of our bodies

  • life is less about what we accomplish and more about how we learn and grow along the way

  • we are all capable of more than we realize

  • each of us gets to write our own definition of success

  • self love can save the world

– How I Got Here –

My own journey toward empowerment and self-love began in my late twenties, when I hit my personal rock bottom. I remember taking inventory of the smoking ruins that had become my life and being utterly, devastatingly heartbroken by what I saw.

  • Life felt like a constant struggle - I hardly ever experienced joy.

  • I was in a relationship with someone who had been physically, sexually, and emotionally abusing me for nine years.

  • I was exhausted and stressed, which constantly manifested in physical illness.

  • I had spent years and years starving myself to attain the "perfect" body - but no matter how thin I got, I felt nothing but hatred for myself and my appearance.

  • I was working in jobs I hated because I didn't believe I was qualified to do anything else, dutifully ignoring my yearning for a creative and meaningful career.

  • I was always terrifyingly on the edge of financial meltdown, and I operated entirely from a mindset of lack - of never having everything I needed.

  • All my friendships were surface-level, I was isolated from my family, and I felt unbearably alone - like I would die without anyone truly having known me.

  • I was drinking to numb the pain, rather than confronting it head-on.

  • Worst of all, I didn't have enough faith in myself or my abilities to believe I could ever make the positive changes I craved.


It was not a pretty picture. And I put up with all this for nearly a decade, because I lacked two very important things:

    1.   Awareness of my own power

    2.   Love for myself

This is why I am so passionate about empowerment and self-love: because the lack thereof in my own life nearly destroyed me.

Today, I am living a life I never dreamed I could have. Sure, it's often hard and messy and frustrating and overwhelming - because, you know, it's life. But some major things have changed:

  • I have uncovered countless limiting beliefs that were holding me back.

  • I have gotten much better at setting boundaries around what I will, and will not, allow into my life.

  • I have repaired my relationship with my body and learned how to love and accept her just as she is, without feeling the need to make her smaller.

  • I have completely changed my mindset and begun to understand how very much I am capable of.

  • I have built soul-deep, loving, and healthy relationships with friends, family, and my partner.

These were all things I never thought were possible - and they were things I created for myself when I stepped into my own power and began treating myself with love and kindness.

My goal is to make the world a better place by helping its inhabitants bring more empowerment, self-love, joy, meaning, and fulfillment into their lives.


I do this by sharing the tools, practices, and insights that have helped me along in my own continuous journey toward an amazing freakin' life. 

Sound good?


Read on to find out how to get the most out of what I teach - and remember: you're capable of so much more than you think.

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Bad Fat Person: A Reflection on Plus-Size Bodies in a Cookie-Cutter Culture is all about the ways in which we've been programmed to hate our bodies - and how to un-learn those behaviors and start loving ourselves, instead. It includes 10 exercises to help build a better relationship with your body - the very same exercises I used to move from self-hatred to self-love.

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