Hello! I'm Ali.

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I'm a Multi-Passionate Creative. 

I'm a blogger. I'm an author. I'm a painter. I'm a musician. I'm a designer. I'm a photographer. I'm a poet. I'm a chef. I spent so much of my life convinced that I had to focus on just one of these parts of my Self and let the others go. And I learned that no matter how much I try to fragment my soul, the pieces keep coming back together. I have given myself permission to do All The Things, and to make my blog a space in which to share them.

I'm a Personal Growth Enthusiast.

I believe I owe it to myself, and to the world, to keep growing, learning, and reaching. As a survivor of domestic violence and sexual assault, I have been in some really dark places. I've had to navigate intense trauma, mental illness, and a lifelong hatred of myself and my body. And I'm really, really proud of the fact that I've come as far as I have, given what I have experienced.

Finding empowerment and taking ownership over my own life changed everything - so much so that I started sharing the tools I'd learned along the way in the hopes that others could use them, too. I've been told many times that I should be a coach. For now, that is not my path - but I will continue to write and reflect on my own personal growth journey in case my experiences can help others on their journey to feel more empowered and fulfilled.

I'm a Truth-Teller.

I'm not into smoke and mirrors. In fact, I believe that as humans, vulnerability is one of our greatest strengths. I spent so much of my life building walls around myself, trying to be seen a certain way, and putting on different masks depending on who I was associating with in a desperate attempt to belong. My entire life was compartmentalized, and it was...exhausting. My personal growth journey has taught me the importance of being true to myself by allowing me to be myself - warts and all.

These days, I tell the truth - even about the scary stuff. Mental illness. Oppression. Living in a fat body. These topics make some people uncomfortable. But because I am a nuanced and complex human being with many facets, I also share a lot about cooking, my life in general, and lots of uplifting content (see: Personal Growth Enthusiast). No matter what I'm sharing, my goal is to do so with transparency and authenticity, because I am so over feeling like I need to hide every part of me that's not sparkling, shiny, and perfect.

...and I'm on a Journey.

I believe I owe it to myself to keep searching, growing, learning, and reaching. I'm constantly looking for new ways to approach my life in order to live it in the very best way I can.

And then...I write about it.

I Believe:

  • We either live intentionally, or we live by default.

  • Self-care comes first, always.

  • Growth is not linear - it's a long dance of two steps forward and one step back.

  • Sometimes the mess is the most beautiful part.

  • Life is less about what we accomplish and more about what we learn along the way.

  • Black lives matter, trans lives matter, love is love, and our worth is in no way dictated by the size, shape, or appearance of our bodies.

  • Each one of us gets to write our own definition for success.

  • Growth requires learning - but it also requires unlearning.

  • Self-love is the foundation for a fulfilling life.

  • It is our responsibility to acknowledge our own privilege, wherever it lies, and use it to do good in the world.

  • Beauty is all around us - but we will seldom find it unless we're looking for it.

  • We do not have to exist at the mercy of our emotions, habits, or patterns.

  • Life doesn't have to be something that just happens to us - we can choose to play an active role in our destinies.

  • Adhering to "shoulds" is no way to live.

  • We are worthy, just as we are - we do not have to earn our value.

  • Art is essential.

  • "The way things are" isn't always the best way.


Outdoor jam session, March 2020

Protesting at the Women's March in Washington DC, January 2017

Doing a reading at the release party for my book, February 2019

...and a Few More Things:

  • ​I own my own business as a digital content creator and social media manager.

  • I live with my partner in beautiful Colorado.

  • I have two dogs and two cats.

  • I am a shameless introvert.

  • I have been writing and journaling regularly since the age of five.

  • I will eat just about anything except mushrooms and celery.

  • I love traveling and have a long list of places I want to visit.

  • I am a recovering perfectionist and workaholic.

  • I once superglued myself to a clarinet.

  • I freaking love grape juice.


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