A Letter to my Five-Year-Old Self

Dear Girl, Let me start by reminding you how amazing you are; how strong, how smart, how brave. I know you know these things now. You’re at that beautiful intersection of age: old enough to possess self-awareness, and young enough to believe you can do anything. And you can do anything. You know this. But sadly, dear girl, there will come a day when you are no longer so confident. That knowledge of your own innate greatness will be engulfed by an ever-present doubt, a gnawing insecurity that you will take as evidence that you are, somehow, not enough. I wish I could travel back in time and tell you this. Maybe if I could, you’d be able to see the doubt and insecurity for what they are: illusions, planted there during fleeting moments of awkwardness or indecision and nurtured by their own growth, self-sustaining and abundant. Maybe if you knew all this, you could yank them out before the roots have a chance to take hold. But as much as I’d like to keep you tucked away forever, safe in your cocoon, I know you cannot stay in your idyllic little world forever - that world full of big dreams and free of fear and limits. As blissful as that world may be, the rope of time will eventually pull you toward the future. And, dear girl, I’m not going to lie to you: it won’t be easy.

There will be moments when you feel defeated, and moments when you want to give up. You will find yourself on your knees, your face wet with tears. You may feel at times that you are weak, or that there’s something wrong with you. Perhaps you’ll come to believe your spirit has been broken.

But here is the most important thing, dear girl - the thing you must always remember, no matter what:

You are strong - stronger than you’ll ever know. You are smart, and you are brave, and you already possess all the tools you will need to get wherever you wish to be in life. You are magic; a force to be reckoned with. You can do anything your heart desires.

Like I said, you know this now. But a day may come when you are tempted to forget.

Dear girl, do not forget.

Tuck this knowledge away, like a lucky stone deep within the folds of a hip pocket. Take it out every once in a while and run your thumbs along its smooth edges. Absorb its power. Remember that no matter how dark the midnight skies may seem, dawn is always just a few hours away - and you are capable of calling the sun to rise.

And above all else, trust that, though you may bend, you will never break. I promise.


Your 33-Year-Old Self

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