Trusting the Universe: Thoughts on Manifestation

Recently, I attended a luncheon for female entrepreneurs in my hometown. (I know it was a luncheon and not merely a lunch because it was held in a sophisticated shabby-chic farm-to-table restaurant with creaky wooden floors and exposed brick walls and their own coop full of free-range grass-fed chickens laying organic antibiotic-free eggs. You know - the kind of place where you can order a glass of Sauvignon Blanc at eleven o’clock in the morning and no one looks at you askance, because it’s a luncheon, darling, and we only live once.) Now, I am not exactly what you would call a social butterfly. Honestly, I think I’m more of a social prairie dog - perfectly comfortable hidden away from the world, only emerging from the safety of my burrow when necessary, blinking and confused in the bright light of day. Needless to say, these kinds of networking events cause me a disproportionate amount of stress. But as an entrepreneur, I know that living underground is bad for business, so off to the luncheon I went, nervously clutching a box of pamphlets advertising my services. And there it was, right on time: the little voice in my head, whispering to me about how no one would like me, how they’d all see right through me and know I was a big fat faker who would never make it in the business realm. You all know that voice, that terrible and self-defeating inner monologue; everyone’s got one. I call mine DB, short for the Dumb Bitch in my head, because she’s always trying to tell me how not awesome I am, and frankly, who’s got time for that? Even so - even though I know DB’s full of shit - sometimes it’s hard to ignore her. So when a server approached me and asked if I’d perhaps like a beverage from the bar, I heartily accepted his offer. (It’s fine, see, because luncheon.) And once I had half a glass of Sauvignon Blanc under my belt, I finally got the courage to start, you know, socializing. One of the people I met was a woman who ran a coaching business. I asked her about her practice, and the more she revealed, the more intrigued I grew. She told me she helped clients with marketing and business strategies and things like that - but that she did so through a highly intuitive, energy-focused lens. As a wholehearted empath through and through, this sort of thing appeals to me on the highest level, and as I listened to her speak, I made a decision. I was going to work with this woman someday. Not anytime soon - I didn’t know how much she charged, but I already knew I couldn’t afford to pay what she was worth. But someday.

I told her as much. She replied, “Great! It’ll happen when it’s meant to.”

Fast forward a couple of weeks. Out of the blue, a real estate agent I work with at my day job reached out to me, asking if I’d like to attend a women’s retreat with her. She described it as a three-day workshop to embrace personal fulfillment, feminine power, and abundance in business - so basically THE WEEKEND OF MY DREAMS - and told me she had an extra ticket. “I know we don’t really see each other a lot,” she said, “but I just felt like you’d be a perfect fit. It’s hosted by my business coach, and I think you’ll love her.”

“Who’s your business coach?” I asked.


That’s right.

It was none other than the woman I’d met at the luncheon.

Because the Universe listens, folks.

Manifestation is an often misunderstood topic, I believe. Some think of it as merely wishing - as though if we close our eyes and want a new car badly enough, it’ll be sitting in the driveway the following morning. Not surprisingly, because of this idea about what manifestation is, many tend to think of it as a bunch of malarkey. Airy-fairy, touchy-feely, hippie hocus-pocus stuff.

But manifestation isn’t magic. Manifestation is the product of hard work - of blood, sweat and tears, of facing fears, of breaking down walls and putting in the time. True manifestation requires two things: an unwavering focus on whatever it is we dream of, combined with the willingness to make it happen, no matter what.

So there’s the big distinction, really: we manifest things for ourselves. We do the work. We alter our energy patterns - and in doing so, we attract more of what we desire.

Think of it like winning lottery. You can desire that Powerball jackpot all you want - but unless you buy a ticket, it’s not going to happen. The universe will provide the things you are actively working to achieve - not the things you just sort of wish for without taking any steps to make it happen.

After I met the business coach at the luncheon, I went home and set her contact information aside for later use. Then, I went back to focusing on my Number One Goal: making the world a better place. I want to change lives, touch hearts, and make a lasting impact. Much of the time, this is all I think about; it consumes me. It is an obsession. When it comes to my life’s work, I’m like a headstrong Border Collie with a frisbee. I don’t care how hard you ignore me - I will not stop trying.

And this is where manifestation comes into play. While I can't say I spent a lot of time and energy focusing, specifically, on how badly I wanted to work with the business coach, I believe I opened the doors by working hard, every day, to achieve my dream. If I hadn't been so focused on what I want, it's very possible I would have given in to my anxiety and skipped the luncheon entirely - and if that was the case, I never would have met the business coach.

When we do this - when we face our fears and make sacrifices in favor of making our dreams come true - the Universe has a tendency to throw us a bone. I see everything you’ve been doing, it says. I see the sixteen-hour days and the sleepless nights and the overwhelming anxiety. And I thought this might help you on your journey - here you go.

Above all, the most empowering belief I possess is that the Universe is helpful and kind - that if I put in the work, it will work right alongside me. And who doesn’t want a power like that on their side?

I believe this is true for everyone. If you put your eyes on what it is you desire in your life and never lose that focus - if you tirelessly and relentlessly pursue your dreams - the Universe has got your back.

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