Poem: Eves

We are told

that Eve ate the apple

and the sky fell down

so that we grow up

fearing our own

deep desires

that would set us free

if we let them.

We are told

our nakedness is our shame

and shame is

our inheritance

so we cover ourselves with

fig leaves

and make secrets out of

everything that makes us


We are told

it is a dangerous thing,

to want -

that if we reach

for that which we deeply crave

in our very bones

we will break the world

right down the


We are told these stories

yet somehow

we do not realize

that if we have the power

to sink mighty ships and

bring down the ceiling of

the earth

with our desires -


we are the gods, these Eves

and those who would

cage us with their stories

the treacherous


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© 2020 by Ali Owens​