Poem: The Deep

Give me the deep

for I am comfortable in

the pool of my own darkness

It no longer frightens me

Give me the jagged mountains

the sheer cliffs

the danger in knowing

how far there is to fall

Give me mouths of caves

that swallow the sun

and the farthest of far-off places

Let my footprint be one of few

I am not afraid

Give me the bellies of jungles

the damp of forest floors

the heady, sweaty

intimate scent of the earth

I know her like a lover

Give me your blood

it is richer than the salt

on your skin

and I cannot know you deeply

until I know

what lies within

Give me the ocean

and everything that lurks below

and the fury of the waves

when the trade winds blow

give me a boat that rocks and sways

so I may remember the magnitude

of something as simple

as being okay

Give me the deep

I have no patience for

shallow waters

and no interest in the small talk

I want to dive in

carve right to the heart

I want to lay my struggles bare

split them open and display their meat

these are the guts of growth

Just like the mighty redwood

I am rooted in the deep

nourished by the fruit

of my own failure

and the seeds of my grief

and the places where

the light can’t reach

Take your blue skies and butterflies

and give me the deep

the anger in the clouds

the breaking branches

the lost sleep

for the calm may feel like peace

but it is only in the storm

where I know I am free

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© 2020 by Ali Owens​