Winter: A Love Poem

"Hold on," says winter

and taking a pause

she summons the snowfall

and sits beneath it

letting things be

as they are.


"Stay," says winter

and scatters the wind

to keep the creatures in,

cozy in their dens.


"Shhh," says winter

and quiets the land

with her blanket of white,

her spell of silence

enchanting each diamond

of ice.


"Rest," says winter

and buries the rocks,

staunches the traffic

with glitter and frost,

gently-falling pixie dust

that commands the world

to halt.


"Be," says winter

as she freezes the clock

making time itself stop

and giving me the freedom

that belongs to the powerless;

the understanding that

there's nothing more important

than this.


What is there to do

but let winter be herself

and let myself sit


within her?