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Speaking  Services

I am available to present on the following topics as a motivational speaker. I'm also happy to create a custom presentation for your event; contact me and we can discuss your needs!

Transformation in the Face of Fear

Fear is the number one reason why so many of us allow our dreams to go unpursued. It's a common misconception that we need to stop being afraid before we can take the leap - but this mindset does nothing but hold us back! This presentation will examine the following:

  • What fear really is, and how it's disguising itself

  • How to discern between fear that serves us and fear that limits us

  • Practical applications for learning to coexist - and yes, even thrive - with our fears

Own Your Splatter: Finding Happiness Through Authenticity

In our ever more digital reality, it's tempting to put only our prettiest, shiniest, happiest faces forward. In this talk, I will examine the messier side of life and encourage the audience to begin speaking their truths - even the ugly ones. Participants will leave with tools to:

  • Show up with greater honesty and authenticity

  • Ditch the comparison game for increased levels of happiness and peace

  • Become more intimately connected with individual strengths and successes

  • Fine-tune priorities for a more aligned, value-driven life

Why We Hate Our Bodies (and why we really don't need to)

It's no secret that our society covets thinness and abhors fatness. What many people don't stop to think about is that hating our bodies is a learned behavior, not a natural one. This workshop will dissect our cultural obsession with weight and beauty and give participants practical tools to understand:

  • How diet culture harms us, physically and emotionally

  • How to un-learn the lies we've been taught

  • How to reject the status quo and buck the system by beginning a journey toward unconditional self-love (hint: it's got nothing to do with the number on the scale)

Self Care: What It Is, What It Isn't, and Why it's Essential

All too often, we tend to confuse self-care with self-indulgence and selfishness. But if all we ever do is put other peoples' needs ahead of our own, we're heading on a one-way trip to burnout. This presentation will discuss:

  • Why self-care is actually the best gift you can give the people around you

  • How to carve out time in your busy life for daily self-care rituals

  • Simple ways to indulge in self-care without breaking the bank  

  • How to set boundaries and prioritize your own well-being (even when it feels like you're being a terrible parent/spouse/friend)

Contact me for pricing, booking, or questions about custom presentations.