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© 2019 by Ali Owens​

Brought to you by Ali Owens & Chamber 155

Saturday, July 20th, 2019

4:00 pm - 10:00 pm


For those of us who struggle with our body image, summer can feel more like hell on earth.

  • Do you hesitate to wear shorts, tank tops, or other summer clothes because of the way your body looks?

  • Does the thought of wearing a swimsuit in public bring up all kinds of negative thoughts about your body?

  • Do you regularly diet in order to get a "bikini body?"

  • Do you find yourself putting off doing things you want to do until you lose a certain amount of weight?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this event is for you!


1.  Ali Owens will start the event with a 2-hour workshop that will:​




Explore the ways in which we've been culturally conditioned to be dissatisfied with our bodies

Create conversation around the ways in which we allow our body hatred to limit our lives 

Provide you with exercises to help overcome negative body image and build a better relationship with your body

2.  We'll enjoy a catered meal and conversation around intuitive eating as an alternative to dieting and food restriction.

3.  After dinner, we will travel to a private pool, reserved for us and closed to the general public, for a body-positive DJ pool party!


All body types are welcome.

Fat, thin, pudgy, bony, round, roly-poly, lumpy, bumpy, or wrinkly - come as you are!

This is a safe space for stepping out of your comfort zone.

We know how difficult this can be, and you will not be judged if you decide not to wear a swimsuit at the pool party. However, since the pool is private for workshop participants only, we hope you will consider using this opportunity to lean into the fear and break one or two of the limiting rules you've set around your body!

What to bring:

+ A writing utensil for the workshop (worksheets will be provided)

+ A swimsuit (or whatever you will be wearing at the pool)

+ A towel

+ Fun pool gear (floaties, noodles, etc)


The workshop and dinner portion of the event will be held at Chamber 155 in downtown Fort Collins, and we will be traveling to the Observatory Village Pool in southeast Fort Collins after the meal. Transportation to the pool will not be provided, so please plan to get yourself there. There is a parking lot at the pool with limited spaces, and street parking on the north and south sides of the pool as well.